Golf lessons are the best way to improve your golf game. Whether you are just starting out in golf or have been playing for many years, you probably have parts of your technique which can be improved. Golf lessons are a great way to quickly improve your golf game. We offer several different types of lessons including private lessons, group lessons, and youth golf clinics each of which are tailored to your needs. 

Golf balls are not concerned with swing style or brand names, they react based on the quality of fundamentals, impact, and the ball flight laws: 

  • Club head speed
  • Centeredness of impact
  • Angle of approach
  • Angle of the face
  • Direction of the path


Jordan David
PGA Apprentice
Pro Shop Manager

$40 per half hour session
3 for $100

Contact Jordan in the proshop at 319-352-1530 or via e-mail for more information.