Trade in those old tattored grips and give yourself every advantage you can on the golf course. Our regripping service is tailored for quickness, quality, reliability, and all at a cost effective price. Call or stop by the pro shop for more information regarding our regripping service. 

Labor Charge

1-2 Clubs: $3
3-5 Clubs: $5
6-9 Clubs: $10
10+ Clubs: $15

*Clubs should be allowed at least 45 minutes to dry. Time can vary case by case. 

*Special order grips avialable, however customer is responsible for shipping costs on order. 

Stock Grips

*Grips listed are apart of our normal stock. Availability may vary. Limited offer grips may also be available in the shop, and not listed on this website. 

*Click on the company logo for more information on our stock grips

Golf Pride

Tour Velvet Standard            Black                       $6.00

Tour Velvet Undersized        Black                       $6.00

Tour Wrap G2 Standard        Black/White/Red    $6.00

Tour Wrap G2 Midsize         Black                       $7.00

Tour Wrap G2 Jumbo           Black                       $8.00

New Decade                         Red,White,Blue       $11.00     *Limited Availability

Tour Tradition (putter)         White/Black/Red      $8.00



Excel Soft Standard              Tan                           $7.00


C2 Classical Performance     Black/White            $4.50


1.0                                          Multiple                  $15.00

2.0-5.0                                    Multiple                  $25.00