Superintendent's View

"Superintendents View" will give golfers the unique insight into daily maintenance routines through the eyes of course superintendent Dennis Jones. Updates will include course conditions, projects, challenges, and any other pertinent information to our golf course. 


I hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays and the time spent with family and friends.
Chris and I have been busy behind the scenes getting the course ready for the beginning of the golf season, which is getting closer every day. The sounds of reels turning and sparks flying can be seen and heard, equipment being taken apart and inspected, along with tee makers-benches-litter caddies given a new coat of paint. We have also been able to take advantage of the unseasonable warm weather and cut down 13 infected trees. While this is not a job we like to do. It is necessary to ensure a safe enjoyable experience for our patrons. On the positive side we have found several larger trees to replace the ones we have taken down. This will be an ongoing process and we thank you for your understanding and patience.

Chris and I will be attending our annual turf grass show later this month and I will be sharing some photos and tips from the show on our Facebook page and in the upcoming View articles.   


Since it’s been awhile since I updated everyone on the activities of the Waverly Golf Course I would like to take the time to fill you in.
As of July we have had a shakeup in our crew. Chris Miller has transferred from the Public Works Department and taken the position that was held by Eric Schares (Eric has moved on to the Vegetation Management Division) Chris is not new to the Waverly Golf Course or the Horticulture field, He was on the crew as a seasonal worker while attending Hawkeye community College back in 2003 before landing a job with the Public Works Department. Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team and I am extremely pleased to have him on board.

A few of the things we have been doing  this off season as well as our plans for the upcoming season  include Cutting done our infected Ash and Scotch pine trees. At present time we have cut down a total of 10 Trees, and have plans for a few more. Keep checking our Facebook page for updates and location of these trees. Our plans for the upcoming season is to level and enlarge the forward tee on #5, adding rock to the waterways on #1 pond and #2 ponds hopefully eliminating the washouts there, digging out the sand in the fairway bunker on #17 and turning it into a grass bunker, Come up with a plan to de-muck our remaining pond on #2, Create a berm around the water holding areas in the dry run on holes #1 and #2 to prevent water spilling over on to the two cart paths in major rain events. With this our plan is to make a few Mogul’s to replace the 3 ash trees that we had to take out on hole #1. (Can’t make the hole too easy…….).  

Next year will also be the 3rd year of our 3 year equipment replacement program. We are submitting our needs that will include a pull behind brush so we can drag in the sand topdressing, a greens mower, a utility vehicle to replace our club car, this will include a hitch to pull the brush, a walk behind aerifier that will allow us to needle tine our dry spots and be less aggressive on the turf, a HD truckster with a 200 gal sprayer attachment this will allow us to use it as a work vehicle during the summer and having an extra sprayer in the fall, and the last thing is to replace one of our fairway mowers.

Happy Holidays
From our family to yours


Yes it is spring.

I know it doesn’t seem like it outside with temperatures barely above 40, and we are on a pace to be the coldest April in history. But rest assured we will be out soon enjoying the days with friends and enjoying the game we love.

For me this is one of the most frustrating and challenging times of the year. Our equipment is all primed and ready, the staff is all hired, we have set our goals for the upcoming season, and just like a race horse that is locked and loaded in the starting gates. We too are pumped up to enter into the big race. 

I’ve been in this business for a long time and I’ve learned that no matter how you try, you cannot control Mother Nature; she is holding all the cards. All we as Superintendents can do is follow her lead, do what we can to assist her in her efforts, and sit back and admire all the things she accomplishes.

We have an awesome little gem of a golf course here, and I indeed am blessed to have been a part of it for the last 38 years. 

So sit back enjoy a cup of coffee, enjoy the life that has been given to you.

After all good things are worth waiting for……..   


As I look out over the golf course I see nothing but snow. And while you probably think that gets me sad and depressed, in actuality, it is a good thing. Here’s why:
First off, a good, solid snow pack that covers most of the turf area is actually a very good thing. This is because the snow cover will help protect the turf from what is known as “transpiration”.

You can think of transpiration as “evaporation” from plants. Moisture contained within the plants in this case grass blades, is literally “sucked out” by the very cold dry winds constantly whipping across them. If you have a nice coating of snow over the turf it is protected and shielded from these winter winds.

Another reason a good snow cover is wanted is because when it melts, it will take the winter nutrients from your fall application down into the soil where you want it, another benefit is that the melting snow has a nice effect of evenly putting those nutrients into the root zone right when they are stimulated by the spring heat.
So keep these ideals in mind the next time you look out your window and see nothing but white as far as your eyes can see, knowing it’s all for the good in the long run. Stay warm! 


Wanted to update everyone on what has happened and give everyone a preview of things to come.
Both Eric and I just got back from attending the annual turf conference we always look forward do this fantastic opportunity to learn from the finest Professionals in our industry we always get fired up when we learn new things we can bring back and use on our awesome course. One of the things I would like to implement into our program is a soil moisture meter. This device measures the amount of moisture in a given area; it then gives you a percentage. We can take a reading when the greens are at an optimum level and use that as a bench mark to determine when we need to irrigate, taking the guess work out of when and how much water the greens need saving us money, and creating a healthier more uniform playing surface. This can be used on our tees, aprons, and fairways.

As spring approaches we are gearing up and planning for what we will need to do to keep things moving in the right direction. We will have our guys complete their employment paperwork so they are ready, I like to have everything done and ready by March 1st.  Our sprayer is set up to spray herbicides and we will be spraying the knotweed in our newly seeded areas and those areas we were not able to get to last fall.  We will be burning our no-mows as soon as conditions allow us too. Our emergent and grub control fertilizer has been order and we will be applying that sometime mid-April.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and the season ahead.