Matches Begin: May 17th

Entry Fee: $25

Two week play periods – Single elimination

Matches are handicapped. All players must have an established handicap by May 4th. The player with the lowest handicap plays scratch. The other player adjusts their handicap by subtracting the lower handicap from theirs.

All payouts will be in the the form of gift certificates to the Waverly Pro Shop.

1st- $200  2nd- $125

Eliminated in Final Four– $75

Eliminated in Elite Eight– $50

Scorecards are returned to the pro shop upon completion. Please clearly mark the winner and the score of the match. Pro shop attendants are available to help you mark your card before your round.

Bracket will be kept up to date inside the pro shop.

Matches are played from the blue tees, 60+ may play the whites, 70+ may play from the golds. (Adjust handicap accordingly)

You are responsible for setting up your own matches and completing them in a timely matter. In the event that a match is not completed and fault cannot be established, it will come down to  a coin toss to see who advances. Deadlines will be strictly enforced!!

PLAY THE BALL DOWN: All lies on brown dirt (not divots) or bare ground in the fairway are treated as ground under repair (consensus from playing partner). Relief is a drop within 1 club length no closer to hole, no penalty. Otherwise all USGA rules are in effect. Refer to hard card rules.


Match Deadlines

Round 1: May 29th

Round 2: June 12th

Round 3: June 26th

Round 4: July 10th

Round 5: July 24th

**Deadlines will be strictly enforced